Un Biscotto al Giorno (o quasi)

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They taste of home, of warm milk in the morning, of cream and chocolate in the afternoon, of butter and sugar before going to bed… In other words, they taste good, whenever you feel like eating one.

Cookies have this magical power: they can really win everyone’s heart, whether you’re very young or more aged, whether you have a sweet tooth or not, whether you’re male or female, whether you like traditional cooking or you’re more on the healthy side. That’s because cookies are not only shapes and colours, they all have a different taste and many ingredients that are hidden inside of them: flour, butter and sugar, of course, but also eggs, chocolate, cream, dried fruit, jam and exotic spices. This is why we’ve gathered 52 of them, one for every week of the year. Baking cookies means sharing a great moment with family or friends on a nice Sunday, but eating them can last an entire week, making every single day tastier and happier.

Data sheet

Product dimensions: 17×24 cm
Pages: 144 pages
Cover price: 18,00 €
Date: 2021
Language: Italian
ISBN: 978-8899528621

Monica Papagna

Monica Papagna was born and lives in Milan. She’s been writing and taking pictures since forever, both for passion and for work. Ten years ago she launched her blog Unbiscottoalgiorno where she shares her recipes and life experiences. You can find her on Instagram at @monicapapagna where she shares her world and her passions, from cookies to films and cultural trips. She mainly works in publishing, together with cooking and sustainability magazines, she manages company blogs and social media channels, she is a content producer and communication strategist. She always has a smile on her face and she thinks kindness will save the world.

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