Nipporivelazioni gastronomiche

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Some trips are blessed with deep and unexpected sensations, despite the reason why they were organised in the first place. It’s what happened to the author of this book, who left for her honey moon with her husband and came back to Italy with the feeling of wanting to tell the tales of a country and its different cultural aspects, extremely different from ours, but nonetheless overly fascinating. Aspects that can be summarised in one key word: harmony. Something that, in Japan, you can feel even in the busiest streets of Tokyo, something that you can taste in the multiple dishes of the local cuisine. Harmony that first of all means beauty, substantial and tactile, but that also means serenity and simplicity. These elements are conveyed by traditional cooking in a direct and clear way and help the reader draw a picture of Japan, a country where every ingredient, every tool, every rite has a deep and natural meaning and it shows secrets that are hidden even to the most authentic admirer.

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Product dimensions: 13 x 20 cm
Pages: 128 pages
Cover price: 12,00 €
Date: 2021
Language: Italian
ISBN: 9 788899 528645

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Elisa Nata

Elisa Nata

Elisa Nata has been passionate about writing since forever. She starts working as a food and wine journalist in 2015, first writing for and then for identità, developing year after year new collaborations with different news outlets (,, Il Giornale). She falls in love with Japan and its cuisine in 2017 after an amazing honey moon there. Once back in Italy, she decides to write a book on Japan, after having deepened some topics in our country. And it’s thanks to her meeting with AIRG, the Italian Association of Japanese Restaurateurs, that her dream becomes reality. Thanks to the dialogue with the chefs, she finally conceives her first creation: Nipporivelazioni gastronomiche.

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