Niente panico in cucina. Consigli pratici di una cuoca a domicilio per non farsi sorprendere dai grandi numeri

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Are you sure that cooking for six persons is the same as to do it for 12 persons, simply doubling the ingredients? It’s not exactly so… Many things change, listen the author and don’t let panic rise inside you, above all when all your friends are seated around the table and you are still ‘fighting’ with the sauce or the dessert. Ivana Masiero, nice private chef, tells you how managing your time, from the shopping list to the way of preparing each recipe for friends or for an important buffet. Don’t worry if the pasta overcooks or the muffins are burned out… If you learn how to follow a precise timetable and the tips of the author, you’ll not have to solve any problem at all and your guests congratulate you and go back for seconds!

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Product dimensions: 13 x 20 cm
Pages: 128 pages
Cover price: 12,00 €
Date: 2020
Language: Italiano
ISBN: 978-88-99528-51-5


Ivana Masiero

Ivana Masiero was born in Milan in 1962. After high school and University, she started working inside corporate structure. But her real passion was another and soon decided to leave everyting and become a chef. With the aim of combining her love for food with her love for trips and photos, she became a private chef with the name of cuoca@casa. Curious and proactive, she maneges with levity both lunches and dinners, for family and friend, but also for many other clients: a way to enjoy herself and to have time to travel far away from home… Visiting places which are always able to inspire her new ideas!

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