Sognando il Mare

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A new 30 Gourmet volume, about a wellknown face of the Italian cuisine, Andrea Cesaro, the protagonist of one of the most famous tv talent. In his book, Sognando il mare, he tells us his story, after taking part of Cuochi d’Italia of Alessandro Borghese. His recipes are simple, made by common ingredients: thanks to his creativity he is able to transform poor tastes in amazing dishes. The book is divided into 5 chapters, (Amore, Musica, Viaggi, Poesia e Natura) and collects his best recipes to which he dedicated a few words to describe the relationship with his life. 50 unique recipes, born teaching to the Salesian School students and cooking at Aquasalata restaurant of Isola Verde (Mestre), where he works.

Data Sheet

Product Dimensions: 21 x 25 cm
Pages: 128 pagine
Cover Price: 24,00 €
Date: 2020
Language: Italiano
ISBN: 978-88-99528-52-2


Andrea Cesaro

Andrea Cesaro is a chef and a cooking teacher. He was born in Montagnana where he still lives, and he studied at Hospitality Training Institute Jacopo da Montagnana; but he also attended many specialization courses. He travelled a lot throughout Italy and Europe, staying for many years at Isola d’Elba and in Monaco. Thanks to his passion and creativity, he has been managing Aquasalata restaurant for years. He is also a cook teacher at Salesian Institute Manfredini in Este. He won the Foodnetwork talent show, Choped, and he arrived at the finale in Cuochi d’Italia ninth edition with Alessandro Borghese. Inseparable from his bowler hat,, he is known as the ‘cheff’, with two ‘effe’.

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