Verdure pret-à-manger

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It’s not true that only vegan people eat vegetables! Fruits and vegetables are essential for everybody health and they could be cooked in many different ways, without giving up taste. In her book, Verdure pret-à-manger. Insolite ricette dall’orto, Ilva Beretta show us how they may make your table fanciful, as side dishes but also as main dishes. There are many families of vegetables, that gather elements of the same shape, color, leaves size or if they are tuber or not. What is impoortant is to choose them and to use them in the right season to have the best taste. Vegetables are wonderful raw or cooked, dressed with olive oil or with some spices, cheese, dried fruits, pasta or cereals… The author will help you to satisfy also the most demanding palates.

Data sheet

Product dimensions: 17 x 24 cm
Pages: 128 pages
Cover price: 18,00 €
Date: 2020
Language: Italiano
ISBN: 978-88-99528-53-9


Ilva Beretta

Ilva Beretta is a Swedish photgrapher and lives in Tuscany since 1995; she started cooking when she was young, tasting her first recipes with the family. In her life she has the opportunity to meet many women who inspired her, starting from her mother, Kia, whose used to create new recipes only with genuine ingredients. In addition to her, she also has an Italian mother-in-law, a wonderful chef, always helpful. She managed a successful foodblog for ten years and thanks to it, she became a very good photographer, specialized in food photos. She used to say: “Food is what let me live!”

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