Beata o Dannata

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Coverting your dinner into a game for senses and for intellect: that is what Claudia Fraschini, author of the recipes of the book, thought to do looking at the Great Work of Dante Alighieri. Do you ever ask yourself which is the best dish for a thief? Or for a heretic? Or for an envious person? Or for a lover spirit? Following the roules of Divina Commedia, Claudia respected the apt punisment to create each recipe: that’s why Dama nuda made by nuts and chocolate is born for lechers, the hot Seppia e ‘nduja is born for angry people and the Lingua al bagnetto rosso for adulators. But also the Corona di agnello al tartufo nero for arrogant persons and the Île flottante for the Cori Angelici.

A game of ingredients, cookings and traditions to bring to table the great Italian culture, the one we studied, and the culinary one which keeps on letting our recipes unique in the world.

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Product dimensions: 21×24 cm
Pages: 196 pages
Cover price: 22,00 €
Date: 2020
Language: italiano
ISBN: 978-8899-528-60-7

Claudia Fraschini

Claudia Fraschini is a lady with two great passions: cooking, a love which comes from her childhood, from the afternoons she used to spend with her grandmother, learning the secrets of ancient tastes; and one more recent, coming as a flash of inspiration, photograpy. After working for many years into catering and education area, at fifty years old, she decided to begin a new ordeal: she found an old printing press and started to build her dream. The space has been transformed into a great cusine and reflects Claudia’s idea of food and life. Launched in 2016, Cookin’Factory is a “cult” place in Turin.

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