Tutti pazzi per le merendine. Dolci ricordi per pause golose

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How many persons could say not to have ever eaten a snack? How can we forget Tegolini, Soldini, Girelle and Yo-Yo, loyal friends during school interval or tasty pause during studies? Everybody, at least once, gave up to the tempations of a snack. And so, why don’t we try again the pleasure of a snack in a new, more domestic way? Erika Cartabia, author of the blog www.latanadelconiglio.com, presents the so loved classical snack in a personal way, with some tips to prepare cookis too. Everything made at home, of course! Amazon Bestsellers Rank ★★★★★

Data sheet

Product dimensions: 17 x 24 cm
Pages: 128 pages
Cover price: 15,00 €
Date: 2016
Language: Italiano
ISBN: 978-88-99528-09-6



Born near Varese in 1982, Erika Cartabia, is a famous food stylist, food writer, phographer and founder of www.latanadelconiglio.com, her personal blog. She produces recipes for many website, magazines, companies. She loves bakery, France, litterature and Italian cuisine, but also travelling, photos and art. Tutti pazzi per le merendine. Dolci ricordi per pause golose is her first book for Trenta Editore.

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