Favoloso Formaggio. Ricette e sapori di ieri, oggi e domani

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The book

A book on the magic world of cheese, born many centuries ago thanks to the wise use of its raw material, milk. It could be cow cheese, goat cheese, sheep cheese, sweet or creamy, aromatic o spicy… anyway, cheese, above all the handmade one, is one of the most used product in Italian cuisine. Stefania Zecca (her blog lericettedipepi.it and her column on D La Repubblica delle Donne are really appreciated!) brings people to discover the world of cheese through 50 tasty recipes: seven chapters dedicated to pasta, salty cakes, cakes and fanciful daily moments with French and English recipes. Ravioli with Bagoss, vegetables balls with Caciocavallo, little salty panettoni with Bitto are only some tastings of the book.

Data sheet

Product dimensions: 21 x 25 cm
Pages: 144 pages
Cover price: 18,00 €
Date: 2014
Language: Italiano
ISBN: 978-88-96923-71-9


Stefania Zecca

Stefania Zecca is photographer, food writer and food stylist, author of the blog www.lericettedipepi.it, and contributor of the magazine A Tavola. Her story started when she was a child: the first cake, the first photos in Lecce and in Venice… She came from Puglia where she remained until the age of 5 – today she lives in Bergamo area – and from where she took the most part of her memories: the friselle, the smell of fresh almonds, the perfume of zagare, home flavors…

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