La scienza degli ortaggi

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It’s not easy to gather your main life experiences in just a few pages: the long travels, the people that you’ve met, the places that you’ve visited and the food that you’ve tasted. La scienza degli ortaggi tells the story of chef Peter Brunel’s cuisine throughout a series of recipes that focus on vegetables, which are elements that fit perfectly into Brunel’s culinary concept, that can be summarised into his motto “technique and thought”. It’s a journey that goes through all the different families of vegetables present in nature, reaserching them, studying them and declining them in tasty and elegant dishes.

Data Sheet

Product Dimensions: 21×25 cm
Pages: 152 pages
Cover Price: 26,00 €
Date: 2021
Language: Italian
ISBN: 9788899528-72-0

Peter Brunel

Born and raised in Val di Fassa, he soon joins the Tesero culinary institute, before starting to work for chef Giorgio Nardelli at the Parkhotel Laurin in Bozen. He wins his first Michelin star only at 28 years of age at the Villa Negri restaurant in Riva del Garda. After a series of experiences throughout the whole of Italy, in 2019 he gets back to his region and opens up the Peter Brunel Ristorante Gourmet in Arco, a challenge that was launched to revive the region of Trentino, a land that was extremely resourceful but in need of new energy. His dream was to make his star on top of the lake shine again. La scienza degli ortaggi is a collection of his most famous recipes, that gives importance to his most beloved ingredients: the vegetables.

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