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The book

This book is the result of an immense desire to find out more about the so called “ancestral” wines, highlighting not only traditional productions (which are often the older ones) of other countries, but most of all Italian productions. It almost came natural to me to also touch on sour beers, cider and mead. The element that kepts all these products together is the so called terroir, which represents elements of geology, climate, culture, tradition, knowledge and hard work. This is how my journey started: I painted a picture of territories and stories that intertwine, raw materials treated with love and selected according to all the smallest details. A vision of the world that only artisans have and that, in ultimate analysis, nurtures our soul as well, whilst showing us products that deserve a certain level of research in order to be discovered.

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Product dimensions: 13 x 20 cm
Pages: 144 pages
Cover price: 13,00 €
Date: 2021
Language: Italian
ISBN: 9 788899 528706

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Michela Cimatoribus

She started to discover the beer world after several years as a wine sommelier. In 2015 she funded The Good Beer Society, a project dedicated to beer education and its events, which gave her the chance to discover beer hubs around Italy and Europe. Meanwhile she became member, and later advisor, of the Association Le Donne della Birra, helping out with the promotion of beer culture in our country, as well as gender equity in the field. In 2020 she started to get interested in ancestral wines, finding out new “sparkles” which she found exciting because of their diversity. The research she carried out made her want to deepen her knowledge on the field. This is her second editorial experience, after the publication of Fatti di Birra.

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