Semplicemente Toast Pocket

30 spunti
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The book

Year 2021, a new idea is born.

It’s not an imprint per se: to be honest it mixes two successful imprints that have become staples in our catalogue for their format and their category. Semplicemente Toast Pocket brings Monique D’Anna’s recipe book on toasts from the 30 ASSAGGI imprint to the 30 SPUNTI, keeping its content the same, but changing it to a more slender and easy format. Why? To turn one of our classics into a more practical and handy version for newspaper readers: the new Pocket series will, in fact, be sold together with some of the most important newspapers in Italy. You won’t be able to find it in bookstores for now, as it does represent a special project. Follow us to see some more.

Data sheet

Product dimensions: 15×21 cm
Pages: 144 pages
Cover price: 7,90 € (plus the price of the newspaper)
Date: 2021
Language: Italian
ISBN: 978-88-99528-690

Monique D’Anna

She was born in Florence in 1973, but her family came from Tripoli. She attended Art School studying color and photography; she graduated in Art Teacher (Style and Illustration). In 2009 she started working on food and making photos for magazines and book publishers. She teaches food styling and holds courses all over Italy. She lives in Switzerland, loves art, cats, silence and sea.

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