Giorni Golosi. I dolci italiani per fare festa tutto l'anno

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Some tastings let us going back to our childhood, remind us some happy moments and, of course, smell of good: the good taste of grandmother’s cake, of an Easter cooky or of a cake for mother’s day. Here is a series of regional specialties, from the more classical ones as neapolitan pastiera and sicilian slush with pastry (also Alesandro Magno loved it!) to the more unusual ones as gubana from Friuli, scarcelle from Puglia or bustrengo from Marche. You have only the embarrass of choice: let’s follow the stories and cook them!

Data sheet

Product dimensions: 15 x 21 cm
Pages: 96 pages
Cover price: 10,00 €
Date: 2013
Language: Italiano
ISBN: 978-88-96923-66-5


Marco Furio Ferrario

Born in 1984, Marco Ferrario has a degree in Philosophy at San Raffaele (Milano, Italy) and in Cognitive Science at Statale (Milan, Italy). After the first and before the second degree he traveled around the world as sailor; once back home he founded his own society to reevaluated street trade. He worked for Trenta Editore, Zanichelli, Strade on line. He is consultant in marketing and communication for many Italian and worldwide companies. For Trenta Editore he saw to Giorni Golosi (2013) and La cucina efficace (2014).

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