Tasting Grappa. Know it, choose it, combine it

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The book

Grappa evokes thoughts of mountain peaks, steep paths, Alpine singing and little glasses filled with good distilled spirits to accompany a fine meal. Not bad, as a framework for grappa. But, actually, this Italian speciality offers a whole new world to explore, from its history, to the fascination of its stills, through its evolution into the versatile distillate that grappa has become today. Pages to read and to consult, full of useful information, such as how to choose and understand real grappa, how to use it for cooking, and even how to mix it in original cocktails to share with friends. To transform a symbol of Italian tradition into a product that can make many moments of the day very special... whether in a glass or on a plate.

Data sheet

Product dimensions: 15 x 21 cm
Pages: 80 pages
Cover price: 12,00 €
Date: 2015
Language: Italiano – Inglese - Tedesco
ISBN: 978-88-96923-81-8



Born in Tuscany, in the area of Lunigiana, Maddalena Baldini lives in Milan since 2000. She studied Storia dell’Arte and journalism, but she succeded in matching her studies with a passion for food. She work sas contributor for many magazines, organizes food events and coordinates the editorial production for Trenta Editore. She also wrote a book for Trenta Editore Assaggi di grappa. Per conoscerla sceglierla e abbinarla.

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