Michelino Gioia. Tradizioni contemporanee

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Exciting creations coming from local products, prepared for dinner by a very refined chef: here are Michelino Gioia courses, executive 1 Michelin star chef at The Cesar of La Posta Vecchia for many years. His cuisine is always well balanced, tasty and innovative: artichokes, strawberries, chickpeas, beans and fava are only some of the flavour you can find in his dishes of abbacchio, rice, fish… With a familiar Neapolitan taste. A very exclusive cuisine, essentially Italian in a very strictly way. NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Data sheet

Product dimensions: 23 x 20 cm
Pages: 200 pages
Cover price: 48,00 €
Date: 2013
Language: Italiano – Inglese
ISBN: 978-88-96923-63-4


Emanuela Ferro is a vary famous author in gastronomy world. She wrote many books on a lot of interesting Italian food products from Piedmont to Sicily. Enthusistic of travels, cuisine and tourism, she is able to combine a deep knowledge as consultant with editorial work. She wrote the book Michelino Gioia. Tradizioni contemporanee.

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