The red tastes of love. Passion in the Tuscan kitchen

Cucina e dintorni
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Cooking is primarily a passion, but it’s also the desire to visually amaze your guests. That’s why Silvia Baracchi decided to concentrate on celebrating ingredients that are red in color, ingredients that are good both for your health and for your soul. Chef Silvia Baracchi’s guide to cooking includes whimsical love stories, anecdotes about her roots, and an essay about her life at the helm of Il Falconiere restaurant in Cortona, Arezzo (Italy), where she continues to amaze diners with stunning culinary masterpieces.

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Product dimensions: 21 x 25 cm
Pages: 180 pages
Cover price: 25,00 €
Date: 2016
Language: Italiano-Inglese
ISBN: 978-88-99528-06-5


Silvia Baracchi

Born in Perugia, Silvia Regi Baracchi grew up in Cortona and proudly calls herself Etruscan. From her restaurateur family she inherited e love for fine dining, an awareness of tradition, and the art of hospitality. The exciting energy of the Falconiere inspires her culinary style on a daily basis. Silvia has a vast range of culinary experiences and has worked with famous chefs who have given her the opportunity to introduce the cuisine of Cortona around the world. She has collaborated for many years now with Executive Chef Richard Titi, who shares her approach and philosophy. For Silvia, consistency is one of the most important values, equivalent to exceptional ingredients, cooking methods that exult Tuscan flavors, and a balance between presentation and quality that triggers the curiosity of the most expert diner while also satisfying those who appreciate simplicity.

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