Vito Mollica. Invito a cena al Palagio di Firenze

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His history, his travels, his experiences and his recipes. Vito Mollica, the young executive chef of The Palagio at Four Seasons in Florence tells his kitchen life in this book: a route through Europe and world, alway in the right place in the right moment (with Adrià in Spain, with Berton in Italy, with Michel Bourdin in London, before reaching Praga to get his first Michelin Star at Four Seasons). Today his menu looks at Italian regions, catching from all of them only the best products to create intense dishes, well balanced in ingredients and disposition, as demonstration of the great contemporary Italian cuisine. NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Data sheet

Product dimensions: 23 x 30 cm
Pages: 200 pages
Cover price: 48,00 €
Date: 2012
Language: Italiano
ISBN: 978-88-96923-38-2


Journalist in Florence where he lives and works, Aldo Fiordelli writes for Corriere Nazionale L’Espresso Restaurant guide. He also contributes to many magazines as Vanity Fair, Monsieur and Il Messaggero. He is author of some books as Il buon tartufo, usi e costumi del diamante della tavola (Polistampa) and Il Caffè Miclenagiolo, culla dei Macchiaioli (Nte). For Trenta Editore he wrotes Vito Mollica. Invito a cena al palagio di Firenze.

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