From oil to oil. Cooking with different varieties

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Experimenting while cooking is always interesting, so why don’t we start from oil? The olive oil is wonderful above all when we talk about extra virgin olive oil, of course, but how much involving could be dressing a salad with pumpink oil? Or tasting a frying with rice oil? Without forgetting the hemp oil, the sesame oil, the walnut and hazelnut oil, perfect to create cakes and cookies. A trip to discover how many oil varieties exist, how they are produced and how they can be used into recipes; advices, tips and useful explanations to choose the rigt type to cook, dress or give taste to all of your recipes, even the easier ones.

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Product dimensions: 17 x 24 cm
Pages: 128 pages
Cover price: 19,00 €
Date: 2016
Language: Italiano
ISBN: 978-88-999528-14-0



Born in Venice, Mariaelena Gorini has been working on food sector since 2008. She started as patissier and kept on her passion to become a teacher of Istituto Alberghiero. Today she lives and works in Turin where she organizes cooking courses on good and natural recipes. She has a blog, “La cucina di G” and she gives consultations to many schools and associations on food. Di olio in olio. Tutte le varietà da usare in cucina is her first editorial experience.

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