Manuale di conversazione sui grandi vini rossi

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After reading the Manuale di conversazione sullo Champagne, why don’t peek among the pages which tell about Italian and international red wines? A curious trip to discover Nebbiolo, Sangiovese, Merlot e Nero D’Avola, Bordeaux and Pinot Noir. What may you find in the multi-colored and parfumed Bacco’s nectar? Will be enough moving the glassa as a skilled sommelier and talk about red fruits aromas, spices and vaniglia to capture the attention of your guest? This new Manuale by Andrea Gori will be the right weapon to be used during important occasions, like a romantic dinner or a first date: if you are able to speak about French wines too, your dinner will be a success!

Data sheet

Product dimensions: 13 x 20 cm
Pages: 128 pages
Cover price: 10,00 €
Date: 2017
Language: Italiano
ISBN: 978-88-99528-18-8


Andrea Gori

Ambassadeur du Champagne for Italy, Andrea Gori is sommelier, deputy European Champion, writer, teacher for Associazione Italiana Sommelier in Italy and abroad, and has a family restaurant in Florence (Trattoria da Burde, since 1901). He created one of the most popular blog on wine (Vino da Burde) and he is the co-founder of the famous wine&food network, Dissapore. He has his personal page on Twitter, Facebook e YouTube with more than 2.300 videos and e 1.500.000 visualizations, and he keeps on testing new way to speak about wine on social media.

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