Terra, mare e vegetali

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Chef Alessandro Proietti Refrigeri’s cuisine is based on instinct, always on the lookout for the perfect taste. Taste is indeed the central element of his philosophy, around which go technique, experiments and everything in between. Every plate is a mixture of his own experiences, carried out throughout his lifetime, in Denmark, Japan and along the whole of Italy. Terra, mare e vegetali gathers all those plates that have been developed in time, but have never lost their true identity. Besides his signature plates, Alessandro tells the stories of the ingredients that he uses, that come from the Oltrepò Paves land and that stimulate him on a daily basis to create new recipes. The restaurants where he works, Villa Naj, has 1 Michelin Star.

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Product Dimensions: 21×25 cm
Pages: 128 pages
Cover Price: 24,00 €
Date: 2021
Language: Italian
ISBN: 9788899528-75-1

Alessandro Proietti Refrigeri

Born in Rome in 1988, after working for two summer seasons in Salina, he moves to Copenaghen to work for the Noma at Renè Redzepi’s side. Once back in Italy, he starts working for La Pergola with Heinz Beck, before starting his experience as a restaurant coordinator for the Berberè chain. He lands a job at Villa Naj in 2018 with the goal of starting out a project that would involve all the producers of the Oltrepò area in order to tell the story of that land. His cuisine is a contemporary cuisine that has managed to bring back the Michelin Star in the area after several years.

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