La caponatina di Adelina. La raccolta completa delle ricette amate dal più astuto commissario siciliano

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Commissario Montalbano loves tasty and generous food: the one prepared by his cammerera Adelina, by Enzo, by Calogero of La Cacciatora and by Osteria of Don Peppe. But also by his friends who, case after case, try to prepare for him with a lot of passion! From arancini to pasta ‘ncasciata, tasting liguate fritte, sundae little octopus and eggplants rolls: a really Sicilian jubilation.

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Product dimensions: 13 x 18 cm
Pages: 224 pages
Cover price: 16,00 €
Date: 2019
Language: Italiano
ISBN: 978-88-99528-48-5

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Viviana Neri

Journalist, Viviana Neri has been working for Trenta Editore for many years, before returning to Genoa: she was responsible of some series of the publishing house. She met the publisher, Barbara Carbone, when both worked for a financial magazine and decided to collaborate with her when she founded Trenta Editore. She contributed to write Nivuro di siccia, Pappanozza purpi e caponatina e Guida al catering.

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