Dentro la leggenda. Lo Champagne non esiste, viva lo Champagne

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Are you thinking of Champagne as a wine for parties, special occasions, luxury events, difficult to understand and to buy? Let’s read this book and change your mind! No more academic lessons: in those pages you’ll find the pleasure to read the story of a trip through French Maison, meeting those people who create Champagne which is not only a wine, but above all a way of leaving. And as Gaber used to say: “if I could eat an idea, I’d have been done my revolution”. We are trying to drink an idea, something will happen…

Data sheet

Product dimensions: 21 x 25 cm
Pages: 96 pages
Cover price: 15,00 €
Date: 2011
Language: Italiano
ISBN: 978-88-96923-16-0



His passion for wine began when he decided to work for his family wine shop Marco, in the ’90. The interest for this world and his curiosity lead him to found with some business partner, Bevibene, a company to sell wines and organize events to promote Champagne. In 2010 he won the competition fo Ambassadeur du Champagne for Italy and then for Europe, becoming the first Italian sommelier to obtain such a result. Dentro la leggenda. Lo Champagne non esiste. Viva lo Champagne is his first experience for Trenta Editore.

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