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Every seasons gives fruits and vegetables in great quantity, colored, juicy and tasty! How can you transform all this prosperity in good recipes for every day? How can you use greedy cherries, big apricots, delicious onions or candide cauliflowers? Easy! All you have to do is prepare yummy chutney, sweet marmalades or jams. To know the exact quantities, the spices to combine, you need only to follow the tips by Laura Adani! Mango, fennel or pumpkin chutney will be no more an exotic Indian sauce, but will become recipes to be used for your lunch or dinner with fish, meat or cheese. At the same time you will be able to cook wonderful tart with peach or blueberry jam, but also homemade oranges or bergamot marmalade!

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Product dimensions: 21 x 25 cm
Pages: 128 pages
Cover price: 20,00 €
Date: 2018
Language: Italiano
ISBN: 978-88-99528-27-0


Laura Adani

Well-known blogger and excellent photographer, Laura Adani has been working on cuisine since many years. Her blog, www.iocomesono-pippi.blogspot.it is one of the most read among the specialists and common people. She works for many magazine sas A Tavola and for some companies. Renato Marcialis had a great influence on her.

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