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From Piedmont, with an important course of studies. Gabriele Gorlato started his career in Spain and France before coming back to Italy to launch Casa Juventus restaurant. In 2020 he became executive chef at Villa Porro Pirelli at Induno Olona (Varese). His recipes are a perfect mixture of science and creativity, starting form his eggs cooked with infrasound and his tomato sauce which he got with crio-estrazione. Spectacular names for a very simple and traditional cuisine: he wants refined cooking technics get his ingredients and recipes tastier.

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Product Dimensions: 21×25 cm
Pages: 128 pagine
Cover Price: 24,00 €
Date: 2020
Language: italiano
ISBN: 978-88-99528-56-0


Gabriele Gorlato was born in Turin in 1989 from sicilian mother and Piedmontese father. With his work he tries to surprise all his fellow dinner: his cuisine, full of colors, aromas and typical ingredients, is the perfect mixture of tradition and creativity.
 Afetr his studies, Gabriele started to explore new way of cooking and to test different styles at the beginning in Spain and France where ho worked with Christopher Dullay, Joel Robuchon, Thierry Paludetto, Paolo Bigini, Pompeo Annunziata and Andrea Landi. In Italia, he launched Tàola, Davide Scabin restaurant for Juventus Hotel and then moved to Villa Porro Pirelli as executive chef in 2020.

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