Teneramente… bianca

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In the past few years white meat consumption has grown exponentially, also thanks to the fact that people have realised the important amount of proteins it contains and its reduced quantity of fat. However, there are still many doubts surrounding these ingredients: are they actually healthy for us? Why is it called “white meat” when it doesn’t really look white? What are its real benefits? Food blogger Ramona Pizzano has taken the lead in answering all these questions, since she’s always worked with high quality products. As well as analysing in detail the main kinds of white meat that are present on the market, like poultry, rabbit, veal, lamb and pork, Ramona shows us the different cuts we can buy and its many uses. The book also presents a series of mouth-watering recipes, divided by types of white meat.

Data Sheet

Product Dimensions: 21×25 cm
Pages: 128 pages
Cover Price: 24,00 €
Date: 2022
Language: Italian
ISBN: 9788899528-83-6

Ramona Pizzano

Born in Irpinia in 1983, she started working in the food arena from a very young age. Her passion for cooking led her to open a blog, where she could share her cooking experiments: Farina, lievito e fantasia is her virtual diary, where people can find loads of different recipes inspired by the Italian traditional cuisine, and much more. Tales of her trips, pictures and different topics: this is the soul of a blog that is constantly on the lookout for adventures. Teneramente… bianca is her second book for Trenta Editore, after the huge success of Il Paese dei limoni (2021).

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