Picnic di primavera

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Every year it’s always the same story: Christmas with your parents and Easter… who knows? What do we actually have to do at Easter? This is where food blogger Giovanna Nobile comes for your help. She’s an Easter and spring lover and she offers a series of recipes for the “happier season” that you can also use on Easter day.

Grab a basket, towels and paper cups and get ready for a stroll around the park, at the lake, but also in your garden. The recipes? Savoury muffins, stuffed eggs, “casatielli” and good-smelling desserts. These are especially good if eaten on a green field, whilst the warm april sun caresses your face. And the choices are varied: you can try internationally acclaimed dishes, such as the hot cross buns or the tsoureki, a typical Greek Easter dessert, but also more traditional Italian recipes, revisited by Giovanna’s original touch.

Data sheet

Product dimensions: 17×24 cm
Pages: 128 pages
Cover price: 18,00 €
Date: 2022
Language: Italian
ISBN: 978-8899528-80-5

Giovanna Nobile

Author of food blogs La cuoca eclettica and La cuoca eclettica veg, born after the need to express her love for photography and food. She works as a photographer, recipe developer and food stylist, and she has collabs with different companies in the field. Her food philosophy travels around good quality ingredients, her recipes are full on fruits, vegetables and legumes. Picnic di primavera is her second book for Trenta Editore, after the success of Ode alle cipolle (2021).

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