Manuale di conversazione sui grandi vini bianchi. Quando andare in bianco equivale a un successo

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Fresh, flavoured, rich in fragrance which are made by fruits and flowers; perfect to be drunk as aperitif or during a dinner. Another tour among wines, in a very total... white style! Andrea Gori, tireless explorer, starting from the biggest French, Austrian e German maisons, moves to Italy, from the North to the South, without forgetting the Middle. His way of telling is always fascinating, among a glass of Soave, a one of Pecorino, of Verdicchio and one of Grillo… Choose your favourite wine for a marvellous dinner, after reading the stories of people and vineyards looked after in each bottle. For Trenta Editore Andrea Gori has already written: Manuale di conversazione sullo Champagne, Manuale di conversazione sui grandi vini rossi and Manuale di conversazione sui grandi vini rosa.

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Product dimensions: 13 x 20 cm
Pages: 112 pages
Cover price: 12,00 €
Date: 2019
Language: Italiano
ISBN: 978-88-99528-41-6



Ambassadeur du Champagne for Italy, Andrea Gori is sommelier, deputy European Champion, writer, teacher for Associazione Italiana Sommelier in Italy and abroad, and has a family restaurant in Florence (Trattoria da Burde, since 1901). He created one of the most popular blog on wine (Vino da Burde) and he is the co-founder of the famous wine&food network, Dissapore. He has his personal page on Twitter, Facebook e YouTube with more than 2.300 videos and e 1.500.000 visualizations, and he keeps on testing new way to speak about wine on social media.

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