I peccati di gola dei campioni. Storie e ricette di grandi sportivi

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The book

A lot of tasty food stories, with hot anecdotes, family secrets and all the recipes a sportsman loves to find, coming back home! 20 athletes gave their culinary prooves into this book (10 from the past and 10 from the present): they described their love fo food, how they began to appreciate it (and wine) and why they did it. From Francesco Moser winery, to Paolo Rossi agritourism; from Aldo Montano intolerance for cheese, to Riccardo Montolivo passion for gulash… Without forgetting Josefa Idem, Flavia Pennetta and Stefano Tempesti love for Nutella, Totò Di Natale coffee farms and Rino Gattuso fish market.

Data sheet

Product dimensions: 13 x 20 cm
Pages: 160 pages
Cover price: 13,00 €
Date: 2012
Language: Italiano
ISBN: 978-88-96923-22-1


Francesco Bibi Velluzzi

Francesco Bibi Velluzzi was born in Cagliari in 1966. Once in Milan, he began to write for Gazzetta dello Sport (since 1997) where he is specialized in football, basket, gossip, way of life and society. In 2006 he published with Paolo Rossi Mio marito è un calciatore (Sonzogno), a book on sportmen’s wives. He loves basket, kisses and the roasted little pig. I peccati di gola dei campioni is his first editorial exerience with Trenta Editore.

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