Genesi – Non solo frutta

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This is the story of a family. A family that has turned their love for berries in one of the leading companies in fruit and vegetable distribution in our country. Genesi – Non solo frutta outlines the steps that the Mosca family took in order to reach this goal, further explaining the products that represent them best: the blueberry, the symbol of their first imprinting, the strawberry, the fuse that burnt their first fire, the avocado, the symbol of their international future… and many more. Beside the products, the book presents a series of recipes that were born thanks to a special collaboration with Michelin starred chef Peter Brunel from the Peter Brunel Ristorante Gourmet in Arco, that created the recipes in order to enhance the quality of the ingredients that the Mosca family produces.

Data Sheet

Product Dimensions: 21×25 cm
Pages: 112 pages
Cover Price: 25,00 €
Date: 2022
Language: Italian
ISBN: 9788899528-44-7


Genesi is a company that works on the high side of Lake Garda in the fruit and vegetable distrubution, with very high quality standards. Beside that, they also do research, consulting and education, offering different solutions for different need. Genesi was in fact funded with the goal of satisfying the requests from a nieche selection of clients, and they do that with Italian and international products chosen just for them. Right now the company has a catalogue of more than 100 fresh articles, and the same number of clients, including hotels and restaurants.

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