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Born at the beginning of the Last Century, present all over the Italian bar and also in every bar closet: Vermouth is a flavoured wine made in Italy, created in Turin but used all over Italy. It lived a very amazing period to define a moment of the day, “the time of Vermouth”. After a dark period, it’s now coming back on people tables into special cocktail or as an after dinner cocktail. It could Dry and Extra Dry, White, Red and Rosè; it is perfect to be mixed for cocktails, matching salt and sweet recipes, but it could also be drunk by itself thanks to its great elegance and flavour.

Data sheet

Product dimensions: 15 x 21 cm
Pages: 128 pages
Cover price: 15,00 €
Date: 2018
Language: Italiano
ISBN: 978-88-99528-36-2



Born in 1991, with a degree in Science and Communication and a Master at Alma, Gualtiero Marchesi School (as sommelier), she writes for important wine and food magazines like Spirito Divino, Passione Gourmet and L’Espresso. She also works with, the first website dedicated to food and beverage from Piedmonte. She loves Vermouth in each its version and she has just realized an Instagram profile (@artemisia_vermouth) on it.

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