Healthy Break. Scegli, componi e... gusta!

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The book

You may choose among a lot of recipes to eat in a healthy way: follow Monique to select the tastier ones, the most interesting matches, starting from fresh smoothies, perfect to be combined with salty or sweet dishes. Fresh and seasonal ingredients, like fruits and vegetables, become a concentrate of energy and vitamins if blended with ice, cocco milk and honey: you just may decide to combine them with the right cereals, beans, cheese, pasta or cakes. The result is a book where you may find a lot of tasty menu, for adults and children, balanced and perfect to be eaten in every moment of the day and in every season.

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Product dimensions: 17 x 24 cm
Pages: 144 pages
Cover price: 16,00 €
Date: 2018
Language: Italiano
ISBN: 978-88-899528-37-9


Monique D'Anna

She was born in Florence in 1973, but her family came from Tripoli. She attended Art School studying color and photography; she graduated in Art Teacher (Style and Illustration). In 2009 she started working on food and making photos for magazines and book publishers. She teaches food styling and holds courses all over Italy. She lives in Switzerland, loves art, cats, silence and sea.

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