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Who invented Champagne? It’s a question that could seem ordinary, but it’s not so ordinary. The most famous wine in the world has a really fascinating, made by passions and madness, wars and insurrections, adevnturers and brave ladies, lucky situations and difficult period. Against evrything and evrybody this wine reached a such extraordianry success that people everywhere recognized the word ‘Champagne’ as an image of party, success and luxury. The book retraced th stages of this celebrity, meeting interesting celebs, crossing out cliché and revealing a new way of tasting and appreciating Champagne, where emotions prevail on academy. In closing, not to loose anything, the author talks about sensations and food thanks to some original recipes prepared by the chef Alessandro Buffolino (Principe di Savoia, Milan). Because also food, when combined with French wines, obtains a new personality.

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Product dimensions: 21 x 25 cm
Pages: 160 pages
Cover price: 19,00 €
Date: 2017
Language: Italiano
ISBN: 978-88-99528-12-6



His passion for wine began when he decided to work for his family wine shop Marco, in the ’90. The interest for this world and his curiosity lead him to found with some business partner, Bevibene, a company to sell wines and organize events to promote Champagne. In 2010 he won the competition fo Ambassadeur du Champagne for Italy and then for Europe, becoming the first Italian sommelier to obtain such a result. Dentro la leggenda. Lo Champagne non esiste. Viva lo Champagne is his first experience for Trenta Editore.

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