Cucina da... gatti. Ricette da vero gourmet

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Elegant, windy and a little bit snob, our cast are are really the lords of the house! That’s why the recipes of the book are healthy, but also royal. Their haughty behavior makes them unique animals, able to catch everybody’s attention at home and especially in the kitchen where they are always looking for special dishes. Cucina da… gatti is a recipe book born form an idea of Leonardo Cairo - photographer - and Marco Vandoni, one of participant of Masterchef. Very tasty recipes, created with the help of Prof. Gerard Mangiagalli (Clinica Veterinaria Europea, Milano). Fish, meat, vegetables, fruits and cereals: you need only to match them in the right way to give your cats a really savory menu! Among the recipes of Marco Vandoni, you may find also a recipe of Valerio Braschi, winner of Masterchef 2017.

Data sheet

Product dimensions: 17 x 24 cm
Pages: 96 pages
Cover price: 15,00 €
Date: 2018
Language: Italiano
ISBN: 978-88-899528-26-3


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Marco Vandoni, discendant of Yale University, has a degree in Bocconi University and has been working as a manager before participating to sixth Masterchef edition where Joe Bastianich talked about him as an “amazing businessman”. Leonardo Cairo, worked as photographer assistant of Johnny Ricci during his study in Architecture: his passion was born just in his studio! Enthusiastic of jazz and Brasilian music, he is able to play sax. He has been studying alternative therapies for 10 years and worked as olistic professional in Brazil. He works as food & wine photographer.

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