Funny Plates. Ricette per mamme moderne

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Don't think about old housewives: think about working women, 30-45 years old, with a family and who, even if they absorbed by many things, find time to do everything, stay curious, look at natural and good ingredients and, above all, are really creative!
So, if you children to feed, read Funny Plates and let you fantsy become true, respecting times and amuse your babies while you talk him abput the story of the… plate. Sara and Paolo, two famous food blogger, suggest 48 amazing, good and themed recipes (4 for each month), with pictures, ingredients and steps to help you create an artwork to eat in the plate.

Data sheet

Product dimensions: 17 x 24 cm
Pages: 112 pages
Cover price: 16,00 €
Date: 2014
Language: Italiano
ISBN: 978-88-96923-70-2



Sara Tescari e Paolo Arcuno

Paolo and Sara, nom de plume Fico e Uva, their blog, share their time between a work in bank and a job as parents. Very fond of cuisine, they love testing new recipes, catching every dish into a photo. Exactly as their blog which starts with a recipe and its photo! For Trenta Editore they wrote Funny Plates. Ricette per mamme moderne and C’è Torta per te 2 (as co-authors).

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