C'è tort@ per te 2. In viaggio con i blogger. Ricette e racconti dal web

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33 food bloggers among the most influential ones left their ‘signature’ on the second book, C'è tort@ per te: new sweet and soft recipes with a specific theme… a tour through world. Each recipe is tied to a spice and to a trip, real or imaginary, created by each food blogger according to her/his personal style.
The result is a recipe book which combines taste to the desire of knowing new countries and memories of experieces; in other words, our everyday way of living. An adventure made by flavours, experiences and recipes able to reveal always something good!

Data sheet

Product dimensions: 17 x 24 cm
Pages: 176 pages
Cover price: 16,00 €
Date: 2012
Language: Italiano
ISBN: 978-88-96923-24-5



Various Authors

The food bloggers (in alphatical order): Laura Adami, Maria Aspro, Aurelia Bartoletti, Valentina Brida, Cristiano Bonolo, Elga Cappellari, Emanuela Cestra, Francesca D’Agnano e Pietro Caroli, Immacolata Di Domenico, Fedora D’Orazio, Cristina Elia, Anna Gentile, Francesca Gonzales, Simona Giunti e Claudia Randellini, Sabrina Lorenzi, Claudia Magistro, Marina Malvezzi, Sara Milletti, Giulia Nekorkina, Ambra Orazi, Martina Parenzan, Anna Maria Pellegrino, Ramona Pizzano, Elena Policella, Morena Roana, Annalisa Sera, Sara Tescari e Paolo Arcuno, Claudia Tiberti, Marta Tovaglieri.

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